Saturday, December 1, 2012

mindfield cookies #2

The second box of cookies arrived from MindField for product testing (they are really good). I need to wait until MindField sends me a link to the second survey and then I will report back on my compensation. So far I'm not complaining about free cookies!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

mturk earnings to date

I haven't been able to set aside much time for Turking in the last two weeks, so rather than weekly earnings here are my Turking Statistics to date. In roughly eight weeks I've made $766.93. I'm looking forward to having more time to devote to the site once the holidays are over.

more gift cards earned

Things have been busy lately with the holidays and out of town guests, I haven't had much time for Turking. I've been able to keep up with surveys and cashed in for $10 gift cards from both Tellwut and OpinionSquare this week. My wife is enjoying CheckPoints and she redeemed another $10 Amazon card this week as well.  The Christmas budget is getting bigger!




Thursday, November 15, 2012

product testing for mindfield

MindField is a survey and product marketing web site that I joined last month. Today I received my first product for review via UPS. It's a new type of cookie made by a well-known brand. The letter included with the package explains that I will need to complete a survey about these cookies and then I will be sent a second type of cookie for review. Once I've completed the second survey I will be compensated $10. SWEET!

This is my first experience with MindField and I believe they are better known for paid surveys than for product testing. I have only logged into my account a few times and have completed one very short $3.00 survey, which led to testing the cookies. The surveys seem to pay well relative to other sites, here is one that was listed when I logged in today:

Unfortunately MindField is looking for respondents who are mothers so I don't qualify for this one. Mindfield has a series of panels that you can answer to help them match you to surveys, to date the panels include:

Housesehold Profile Panel
General Interests Panel
Occupation Panel
Homeowner Panel
Electronics and Entertainment Media Panel
Health and Wellness Panel
Health, Hygiene and Beauty Aids Panel
Travel and Leisure Panel
Mothers And Children Panel
Primary Grocery Shoppers Panel
Books and Magazine Readership Pane

I just filled out 5 more panels today, here's hoping I qualify for even more surveys. I have noticed that the surveys go quickly, and often when I've gotten to them the quota has been full. MindField also offers an app that I intend to download to my phone. The cookies are delicious and I will keep you updated as my product testing progresses.

You can sign up for MindField for free here.